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Samedi 11 septembre 2010

Some luxury package

Some luxury package
 Gucci handbags, chanel handbags,
burberry handbags. Do you like these packages? Now as you about:

chanel handbags (Classic large cap package)
Color: Black.
Material: leather.
The same as a large package, this chanel handbags has its peculiarities. Very wild, very stylish, sophisticated high-end, and numerous adjectives and then her not be over it, you can dress with small, small T shirt. It’s
chanel handbags in the very qualities of a shoulder bag.
chanel handbags (Classic large cap package) class flap of the double-C shape lock, karl took over chanel bag is designed after the.

Gucci handbags (new bamboo large handbag)
The same as chanel handbags new bamboo large bag, together with the tassels and bamboo details.
Material: Black leather
Internal: with gucci pattern of the built-in grass characters mirror, zipper bags inside the gucci bags and press button, linen cotton lining.
Appearance: This gucci handbags Bamboo Handbags, together with the linear pattern leather details (length 13 cm), detachable plain leather and woven leather shoulder belt, together with the metal chain (length 45 cm) and Ni-color Accessories .

burberry top handles dark gray, nylon
• Color: Black Grey
• Material: Nylon
SMALL QUILTED BLACK AND GREY CHECK NYLON burberry top handles leather trim bag, the bag body wrap around the sides of the leather and leather handle connection, the connection object for the metal rings. Bags open design, with large central zippered compartment inside, satin fabric, Italy.
  Although some people think that burberry handbags chanel handbags so there is no luxury, but with an Neutral wind burberry handbags, looking at Burberry's trench coat, burberry bags, scarves also is particularly want to!
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Hollywood star's ugg boots

Hollywood star's ugg boots
    A few years ago,
ugg boots had already spread in the Hollywood star in the open to, and, with the improvement of people's lives, many people began to follow the star to wear ugg boots. Hollywood actresses uggs become everyone's most interesting.
  Now put together a current Hollywood film actress of the ugg boots Street, let's take a look at what they are wearing ugg boots in! To learn to star, buy a pair of
cheap uggs!

Correspond with clothing and UGG
  Also belong to the sister group of the A shlee Simpson and Nicky Hilton chose the cool black, a black or black T shirt can make a black uggs in Kudao to the limit.

Let me see anne hatchway and Mischa Barton. Mischa Barton chose soft wild brown ugg boots, anne hathway of that particular piece is also a small brown fur vest with uggs echoes.


Gossip Girl "a clever take UGG
  "Gossip Girl" actress who, leighton-meester, Blake Lively, Kristen Bell chose a light brown uggs, ugg classic tall,
ugg classic short, with gucci handbags, or Burberry handbags, look like they are dressed spring and autumn season.

 Lindsay - Lohan is also a member of favorite UGG

Like to wear tights in the Lindsay Lohan of course, favorite UGG's, look at her to buy the three colors to know. Red ugg classic tall, gray ugg classic cardy, black ugg classic short.

 ugg boots not only in the cold winter wear, but can be adapted to the hot summer months! In cold climates, ugg boots to protect feet long wool, cut off from the cold outside to get all that warm! In the hot summer, uggs Australia, wool-specific moisture and permeability, by siphoning off their feet will sweat to make feet become cool and comfortable! The best way of dressing is barefoot wearing ugg boots, so to achieve the best fit wool and skin!


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